War is for losers

vitruvian man

Destruction is easy. You can kill an insect with your fingers. You can squash an ant with your foot. You can pull out a flower. Cut down a tree. Burn down a land. Kill its people. Destruction is easy. Conquest is easy.

Try creating an insect. You cannot. Try bringing an ant to life. You cannot. Try growing a flower or a tree as fast as you cut them. You cannot. Try rebuilding a land. Rebirth its people. You cannot. Your illusion of power of destruction blinds you to the truth: that you are powerless. Your destruction is a manifestation of your frustrations, your weakness, your fears. You are a loser.

There is nothing grand in conquest and destruction. Generations have hailed the heros who won wars, conquered lands, killed the living and extracted the riches. But they were all wrong. They were all losers. With each and every destruction humanity takes a step backwards. We should have been exploring galaxies by now. Yet we keep fighting things and creatures around us, and each other, like little children.

Some people say you have to destroy the old to build the new. These people are utterly stupid. And dangerous. The worse kind of combination that leads to destruction.

Human mind is what separates us from animals. Some say we evolved but the animal brain is still within us. I disagree. That animal brain is our backup. When we get lazy, exhausted, overwhelmed, we lose our willpower, our consciousness, and we follow that animal brain. And it leads us with our lowest instincts straight into destruction.

People who continuously follow their animal brains are sub-optimal simpletons. Morons, to be frank. What is more shocking, many of these morons are our leaders. Look at Mr Putain. Or Mr Xi the Pooh. Or the warmongering presidents of the United States. Or the brainless bureaucratic leaders of the European Union. They lead us down the path of destruction. Of negative competition. They are afraid of simple words and even their shadows. They play stupid games, but it is we, the society, that get the stupid prizes.

Humanity needs to stop with this bullshit. We have been going at it for two thousand years. Don’t we think it’s enough?

It is easy if you try. Even through really small things. Don’t step on that ant. Don’t kill that fly, let it out. Don’t pull that flower. Don’t cut that tree. Pause. Look around. Find a moment of peace. This world is much better than you think. We just have to stop destroying it all the time.

We need to create instead. That is the hardest part of our lives. And most rewarding. Everything else is meaningless in comparison to creation. But once you become a creator, your life evolves and finally has all the meaning. You no longer keep using your animal brain. You finally become human.

By Marek Foss

I graduated Oxford University Computing Laboratory in 2008 and since then have been a full-stack lead on many projects, in different technologies. Myself, I like to code in Perl, Solidity and JavaScript, run on Debian & Nginx, design with Adobe CC & Affinity and work remotely, but overall I always do whatever gets the job done. I like to learn new things all the time!

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