Live Long & Prosper

Live long and prosper — a phrase famously associated with the science fiction series Star Trek, has become more than just a catchphrase. It has become a way of life for people who aspire to a peaceful coexistence with others. In the days of globalization, where the world is becoming more interconnected and interdependent, it is becoming increasingly clear that armed conflicts are ridiculous and unnecessary. On this day when the two leaders of two opposing nuclear empires throw public threats at each other, it is becoming even more evident war is as counterproductive as ever.

Globalization has brought the world closer together, and nations are now more reliant on each other than ever before. Countries are trading more goods and services with each other, and people are traveling across borders more frequently. In such a connected world, it is impossible to isolate oneself from the actions of others. Wars and armed conflicts, which were once seen as a way to protect one’s interests, now have the potential to affect the entire world.

The rise of global challenges such as climate change, pandemics, and poverty require a collective response from all nations. These issues cannot be solved by any one country acting alone. The resources required to address these challenges are beyond the means of any one country, and cooperation is essential. In such a scenario, armed conflicts are not only counterproductive but also detrimental to progress.

Moreover, armed conflicts are costly, not just in terms of human life, but also economically. The resources spent on preparing for war and fighting are resources that could have been used for development and progress. Countries that are embroiled in conflicts often suffer from a lack of resources, which affects their ability to provide basic necessities to their citizens.

The detrimental effects of armed conflicts extend beyond just the countries involved in the conflict. The neighboring countries, and the entire region, can be affected by the conflict. The refugee crisis that arises from conflicts often spills over into neighboring countries, putting a strain on their resources and infrastructure. The destabilizing effect of conflicts can also lead to political instability, which can affect the entire region.

In the days of globalization, armed conflicts are not just impractical, they are also immoral. The cost of war, in terms of human suffering and loss of life, is unacceptable. The principle of non-violence should be the guiding principle for all nations. Instead of engaging in armed conflict, countries should work towards finding peaceful solutions to their differences.

In conclusion, the phrase “live long and prosper” takes on a new meaning in the days of globalization. Armed conflicts are becoming more and more obsolete as the world becomes more interconnected and interdependent. The resources required to solve global challenges are beyond the means of any one country, and cooperation is essential. In such a scenario, armed conflicts are not just impractical, but also detrimental to progress. The future belongs to those who can find peaceful solutions to their differences and work towards a common goal. Live long and prosper.

By Marek

I graduated Oxford University Computing Laboratory in 2008 and since then have been a full-stack lead on many projects, in different technologies. Myself, I like to code in Perl, Solidity and JavaScript, run on Debian & Nginx, design with Adobe CC & Affinity and work remotely, but overall I always do whatever gets the job done. I like to learn new things all the time!

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